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Bardic Lore

Page history last edited by Fendar 11 years, 9 months ago

Greetings, friends and strangers.  To those who don't know me, my name is Fendar Canon.  (A male gnome dressed in black studded leather, a crimson cape, and white boots bows with a florish.)  I am a storyteller of modest experience.  My especially interested in exchanging tales of this fine region of Gyruff.  That's what we natives call the region you know as Geoff.


The Old Lore Bards (also known as the College of Canaith) are the keepers of the history of Gyruff.  Their base of operations is Kinder’s Isle in Lake Avaon Ffyn, that serves as both a resting place for experienced bards and school for new ones.  The College of Canaith is one of the seven orders of bards who follow the Old Faith.  Members of the College serve the Old Faith druids in many ways.  Their roles include being an emissary of or an agent for the Old Faith Druids and an envoy to foreign lands for the Brenin.  Sometimes their missions are public; sometimes they are not.  Due to the wide variety of their tasks, Bards of Canaith are expected to be capable in the arts of diplomacy, secrecy, and war.


Regarding the Bards and war training, it is a well-known fact that at least a few of Grand Duke Owen’s military advisors and some of the Cadofyth Parn’s have been trained at the College.  Their studies of past wars are comprehensive, though not all of the Bards of the College show much interest in studying those histories.


In the past, membership has been limited to members of the nobility.  With the creation of three new cantrevi in the Downlands and the general lack of nobles, Gwenllian, the Archdruid, has decided to open membership to non-nobility as long as they have a noble sponsor.


The Bards of Canaith are the members of the College most seen in the world.  They work of Llwyri and Arglwyths carrying messages and offering advice.


The Bards typically are human or half-elves who have ties to Gyric Nobility or the Old Faith and follow Allitur, Beory, Ehlonna, Obad-Hai, Pelor, or the Old Faith.  (Someday, I hope the racial requirement is waived so I can join.  Currently, my mentor is an Old Lore Bard, Osfael of the Sunlit Glade.)  They are trained in diplomacy, and skilled in oratory or an instrument.  Depending on their interest, they study local lore, history, or the genealogy of the Nobility.


Members of the Old Lore Bards take an oath of allegiance to the Land and the Old Faith.  If a conflict of interest ever arises, a Bard is expected to hold the interests of the Old Faith and the Brenin above all others.  Should the Bard ever break the vow or go directly against the interests of the Old Faith, the Bard should be prepared to face serious consequences.  Bards are inducted into the College of Canaith during a special ritual held on the Isle of Ruhn.  The ritual lasts from the rising of a full moon until the rising of the next full moon.

But enough about the Old Lore Bards, let me ask you what you'd like to hear about.  I can tell of the Old Faith, of Owen's sacrifice to return the Gyri to the Land; of Calisse's quest to find her husband, Owen; of the Gyri's noble fight against the giants; of the final victory at the Last Battle of Gorna; of the Gyri's struggle against themselves; and of old gods and new gods.



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Disclaimer:  The contents of this page are not necessarily official “canon”.  Instead they represent the in-character impressions of Fendar Canon, a Gyri bard.  Use at your own risk.


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