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Bissel Demographics

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Proper Name: March of Bissel

Ruler: His Lofty Grace, Larrangin, the Margrave of Bissel (LG male human Ftr9/Clr2 of Heironeous)

Government: Feudal monarchy owing fealty to Gran March and Veluna; monarch currently chosen

by leadership of the Knights of the Watch under Gran March

Capital: Pellak

Major Towns: Pellak (pop. 2,300); former capital, Thornward (see later), now held in common by several nations

Provinces: Twenty-six knight-baronies, eight townships, and one capital township (Pellak)

Resources: Foodstuffs, cloth, gold, gems (I)

Coinage: (Modified Keoland) griffon (pp), lion (gp), eagle (ep), stag (sp), roc (cp)

Population: 123,880—Human 82% (OSB), Dwarf 10% (mountain 57%, hill 43%), Elf 2% (sylvan), Halfling 2% (stout), Gnome 2%, Half-elf 1%, Other 1%

Languages: Common, Baklunish dialects, Dwarven

Alignments: LG, LN*, N, NG

Religions: Heironeous, Zilchus, Fharlanghn, Geshtai, Rao, Istus

Allies: Gran March, Keoland, Veluna, Knights of the Watch, dwarves of the eastern Barrier Peaks, many mercenaries and adventuring bands; allies divided over many issues

Enemies: Ket, Iuz


Overview: Bissel is at the northernmost reach of the great Sheldomar Valley, on a broad plain bounded by the Barrier Peaks on the west and northwest, the Fals River on the northeast, and the Lorridges on the east. The irregular southern border lies about thirty miles north of Hookhill in Gran March. The northeastern edge of the Dim Forest is claimed and settled by Bisselite woodsmen. Spring flash floods along the Realstream in the west form the only major annual weather problem. Bissel has a temperate if rather dry climate, with the far west getting most of the rain. Its wildlife is greatly varied, and monsters often come down from the nearby mountains. A constant stream of caravans, messengers, and patrols moves along the country's two major highways: Watchtower Road, running from the former capital, Thornward, to Hookhill near the Lorridges, and Fals Road, from Thornward to Mitrik along the Fals River. Barge traffic along the Fals to Mitrik has recovered since the Thornward Division, despite continuing quarrels over river tariffs and attacks on Ket's barges by unknown persons.

Bissel's four famed mercenary Border Companies are being reorganized and retrained after their defeat and disbanding during the Ketite occupation; they are not yet at their former strength. Many scouts and rangers are being sought for active duty in the north and west. A large castle-building project is underway along the southern banks of the Fals (Bissel's new northern border) and along the neutral zone around Thornward. Ket destroyed many forts, minor castles, barracks, signal towers, and army bases when it invaded Bissel and later when it withdrew. These are being rebuilt, but work is very slow due to lack of funds. The massive Castle Oversight, at Pellak, has become the headquarters for Bissel's branch of the Knights of the Watch. The influence of Gran March and the Watch is everywhere, particularly in the new margrave's court. The eventual recovery of Thornward is a core goal of the government.

Thornward is a sprawling, heavily fortified city with a population of about six thousand, surrounded by numerous army camps (limited in size by treaty), further boosting its total population to about eleven thousand. The caravan and river traffic through Thornward is of staggering size; items are often available here that are found only in much larger cities. The atmosphere in the city is tense and political intrigue is thick, but mercantile activity is nonstop; the city is brightly lit all hours of the night to keep trade moving.

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