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Proper Name: March of Sterich

Ruler: Her Magnitude, Resbin Dren Emondav, Marchioness of Sterich, Stewardess of the Great Western Gate (LN female human Sor13)

Government: Feudal monarchy owing fealty to Keoland; ruling family has been weakened, and noble families are suffering from infighting and confusion over post-war claims of nobility, precedence, and land ownership

Capital: Istivin

Major Towns: Istivin (pop. 12,100)

Provinces: Seven counties, each with three to fifteen low baronies (conflicting baronial claims make final number per county uncertain in many areas)

Resources: Silver, electrum, gold, gems (II-III)

Coinage: [Keoland standard) griffon (pp), lion (gp), eagle (ep), hawk (sp), sparrow (cp)

Population: 144.000—Human 79% (OFS), Dwarf 8% (mountain), Halfling 6%, Gnome 3%, Elf 2%, Half-elf 1%, Half-orc 1%

Languages: Common, Flan, Dwarven, Keolandish, Halfling

Alignments: LG, NG, LN*

Religions: Heironeous, Pelor, Ehlonna, Berei, Fharlanghn, Ulaa, Fortubo, Zilchus, Allitur, Beory, Mayaheine, dwarf pantheon

Allies: Keoland, Gran March, Ulek states, Bissel, Yeomanry

Enemies: Nonhumans and giants of the Crystalmists, Iuz, Pomarj

Overview: Sterich is a land rescued from nonhuman occupation only to find itself embroiled in struggles between returning nobles. The boundaries of the reclaimed territory generally extend from the western banks of the Javan River to the east, through the lowlands of the Stark Mounds, down to the Davish River and around, in the south, to the Jotens (where fighting continues). The mountain lake, the source of the Javan River, remains a hive of evil activity, and the villages and mines nearby are completely abandoned.

The distant western Crystalmists were once the home of several competing clans of mountain dwarves. When the nonhumans invaded in 584 CY, many clans withdrew into their strongholds, while others fled the hills to warn their human allies. Since the nation has been reclaimed, five different clan holds have failed to send representatives to the court in Istivin. Most Sterish fear the worst, though hardy exiled dwarven lords (often at odds with each other) are organizing several bands of adventurers for reclamation missions.

Sterich claims no notable woodlands within its borders, and has had to conduct considerable trade with Keoland and Gran March for lumber to rebuild fallen towns and villages. The most heavily defended portions of the reclaimed lands are perhaps the passes of the Stark Mounds, which offer a relatively safe route of passage for logging missions to the Oytwood.

The military of Sterich, though blooded badly in the reclamation campaigns, has emerged as a well trained force with a handful of canny generals experienced in battling (and beating) nonhumans. A strong contingent of 1,500 halberdiers forms the heart of this force, which is supplemented by light infantry and renowned light cavalry. Unfortunately, the military's division of power declares that most units are under the control of a lord. Since the lords are now squabbling among themselves for regained land, soldiers once united against a common enemy have turned upon each other.

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