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Duchy of Ulek

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Region 6: South-West Flanaess, Sheldomar ValleyUlek States






The Duchy of Ulek is the next state in the Ulek territory, which also enjoys the same racial harmony and respect for the land espoused by the County. Ruled by elves as opposed to humans, the Duchy cheerfully offers sanctuary to all in need, except those it knows as its foes. Not one to engage in warfare, it supports the Principality of Ulek as the buffer zone against the Pomarj, as well as any possible attack from the Horned Empire.

The Wars did not interrupt the Duchy's commercial prosperity, which is the envy of the Sheldomar Valley. Known for their honesty and fairness, the half-elven merchants of the duchy are given trust and confidence that the shylocks of Dyvers and the rogues of Greyhawk would kill for.


Society and Culture: The duchy is loosely ruled by the Duke, obviously, though the rest of its political organization is a hodgepodge of baronies, counties and principalities, extending to some of the gnomish holds in the Lortmils. Although borders are kept for farming and trading purposes, most people do not hold the division of territory to be of great importance, and indeed people can cross over the lines freely.

The Duke has final say in all matters concerning the government, though in practice he rules with a light hand. The various nobles tend to do as they please, and are noted for their thoughtfulness and geniality. A strict policy of share-and-share-alike exists here, as the wealthy merchants pay for the education and housing of those less fortunate, though the poor of the duchy are well-off indeed compared to those of most other cities.

Ostensibly, a feudal chain of command is followed, with the Duke claiming ultimate authority, his nobles swearing fealty to him, the merchants swearing to them, and so forth. However, this is rarely enforced, as even the poorest goatherd can be counted on to have his voice heard when he has a concern.


Military Structure: If the people of the Duchy have a fault, it is their slowness to react when faced with a serious threat, against which they may not have been prepared. Thus, their armies are neither formidable nor numerous. Their strongest forces are their heavy and medium cavalry, which consist of humans wielding lance and mace. The elven light cavalry has good archers and lancers, though the human billmen and wood elf archers of the south are, as concerns quality, on par with the irregulars of large kingdoms like Furyondy or Nyrond. The Knights of Luna have begun training the army, in case they should be called to arms by the Treaty of Niole Dra.


Ruler: Duke Grenowin has lived for over seven centuries, growing wiser and more powerful every year. Surprisingly thick-limbed for an elf, his silver hair and ancient eyes hearken back to a time when his younger self greeted the first Suel settlers to his realm. He would have retired long ago, but for his wastrel daughter Sierra, the rightful heiress to the realm. She ran off long ago to pursue a path of adventure, returning only briefly to entrust her son Vellenel to her father?s care. Grenowin believes that his grandson will be ready to take over the reins of the Duchy when he steps down, though he notes the activities of Celene and the Knights of Luna with deep worry.

Few things seem to bother Grenowin on the outside, who is a calm, cool and collected fellow with a merry wit. Six and a half centuries of rule have bowed his back, however, and he seems truly old and tired. Tragedies not forgotten and old, hidden wounds are thought to gnaw at him, especially the horrors of the Hateful Wars. He is known to pray to Corellon Larethian every day, and yet, his prayers seem to go unanswered.


Foreign Relations: The people of the Duchy distrust Greyhawk and Dyvers, both as competition for their trade, and also because of the greedy, two-faced nature of the residents of both cities. Knights of the Watch are received with suspicious glares, and do not stay long. Some dwarves of the Lortmils, the same ones who turned the Hateful Wars to their own benefits, are distrusted. All others are generally welcomed as brothers and friends, though the elves are more worried than ever about the state of affairs in Celene.


Region 6: South-West Flanaess, Sheldomar Valley, South-Western Flanaess, Sheldomar Valley map, Ulek States

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