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Geoff Demographics

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Proper Name: Grand Duchy of Geoff

Ruler: His High Radiance, Owen I, Grand Duke of Geoff (LG male human Wiz15 (illusionist)/ Ftr5)

Government: Feudal monarchy

Capital: Gorna

Major Towns: Gorna (pop. ?), Hochoch (pop. 5,500), Hocholve (pop. 0), Pest's Crossing (pop. 800), Pregmere (pop. 300)

Provinces: (Formerly) six high counties, numerous elven lordships among nomadic woodland tribes, a few dwarf and gnome lordships in Stark Mounds; (now) several ill-managed "provinces" commanded by most powerful giant inhabitants of former human cities

Resources: (Formerly) cloth, copper, silver, gold, timber, gems (I)

Coinage: [Modified Keoland] griffon (pp), lion (gp), eagle (ep), hawk (sp), owl (cp)

Population:70,000—Human 79% (FSO), Elf 9% (sylvan 90%), Halfling 5%, Dwarf 3% (hill), Gnome 2%, Half-elf 1%, Half-orc 1% (plus vast number of uncounted orcs, goblins, various giants, etc.)

Languages: Common, Flan, Keolandish, Elven, Halfling (plus Orc, Goblin, etc.)

Alignments: NG, LG, CG, N, LN, CN, CE* (law formerly LN)

Religions: Pelor, Ehlonna, Allitur, Phyton, Fharlanghn, St. Cuthbert, Obad-Hai, elf pantheon, Norebo, Beory, gnome pantheon

Allies: Sterich, Keoland, Gran March, Bissel

Enemies: Valley of the Mage (distrusted), nonhumans and giants in Crystalmists


Overview: The land of Geoff is utterly devastated. Its villages are ghost towns, and armies of orcs and giants of all varieties have inhabited the cities, taking as slaves those humans they did not kill and eat. Few buildings have escaped ruin, and the land's forests are being harvested for unknown purposes. Nearly everything that once was Geoff has been erased. The giants hold all land from the Crystalmist mountains in all directions but east, where the Realstream, Dim Forest, Oytwood, and Stark Mounds demarcate a chaotic, violent border with Gran March.

Geoffs isolated position accounts for some unusual weather. Morning fog is common near the Dim Forest, giving northeastern Geoff a reputation for secrecy and hauntings. Rain is plentiful, though thunderstorms are short, violent affairs. Winter brings significant snowfall, especially in the west and mountains.

Before the wars, Geoff was well known as a source for wool and furs. Animals, both wild and domesticated, once freely roamed the countryside. Most of these were captured and eaten by giants and orcs, though the deer population has grown following the loss of their foremost predator (humans—the orcs and giants eat cattle and horses). Roving packs of wild dogs range widely throughout Geoff, creating

yet another hazard in an already frightful realm.

Geoffs roads, predictably, are in disrepair. Traveling them is relatively safe, however, since giants ignore roads to take the most direct overland path, carrying their belongings. Few bandits inhabit Geoff, as the giants are dangerous and nothing is left worth stealing.

The giants' gains were hard won. Geoff's archers, predominantly sylvan elves and half-elves, picked off the first giant forays, allowing the full evacuation of the capital and much of the southlands. Eventually, Geoffs defense broke. Cavalry and pikemen were little match for seemingly countless bands of giants and nonhumans. Little evidence of an organized Geoffite army exists today; survivors long ago pledged themselves to Gran March or newly liberated Sterich, and they encourage the retaking of Geoff from afar. The largest group of these warriors is based in the all-but-annexed town of Hochoch, between the Dim Forest and Oytwood.

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