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Old Faith in Gyruff

Page history last edited by Fendar 11 years, 9 months ago

A gnome dressed in black studded leather and a crimson cape, looks up from the guitar that he’s been tuning, and says, “Yeah, I guess you don’t need to be in Gyruff for very long before you recognize how important the Old Faith is to the Gyri.  So I understand your interest in finding out more. . . .”


The leader of the Old Faith Druids in Gyruff is the Archdruid, who traditionally is also advisor to the Brenin, the civil leader of Gyruff.  Supporting the Archdruid are four senior Elder Druids, who stand for each of the Seasons in high druidic ceremonies.  To The Watcher of Spring wears a mask carved to resemble blossoms and stands for the season of planting and expectations.  The season of growth and strength is represented by the Watcher of Summer, who wears the horned mask.  The Watcher of Autumn represents the season of plenty and fruition, while wearing a mask carved in the shape of ripe wheat and corn.  And finally, the Watcher of Winter dons a mask shaped like snowflakes and icicles to stand for the season of death and change.


The Old Faith Druids’ principle base of operation is The Isle of Rhun in Lake Avaon Ffyn.  It is connected to Kindler’s Isle by a narrow bridge.  The Isle of Rhun is forbidden to all but the Druids, while Kindler’s Isle is the home of the College of Canaith, The Old Lore Bards.


The Old Faith also has a major holy site near Hochoch on the easternmost of the Shalm’s Shoulders.  Despite the Knights of the Watch having control of the area, an agreement was reached whereby the Old Faith Druids remain at the holy sites in the Cup.  Additionaly, groves of druids have been set up across the newly liberated reaches of Gyruff in hopes of more quickly healing the Land.  My cousin, Foddar Canon, for example, is an Elder Druid.  He established a steading called Foddar’s Maize near the border of the Stark Mounds and the Downlands.  There he’s been experimenting with combinations of grain and soil to help those who left Arweth after the Knights took over and settled in the Downlands.


But I digress . . .  To become a druidic initiate, followers of the Old Faith must read and write Flan, since since Gyruff was first settled by the Flan centuries ago.  In addition, followers of the Old Faith are for the most part neutral.  As the Druids rise in rank from Initiate to Druid, they must represent the balance of Nature and the connection between the Land and the Gyri by becoming true neutral.


A recent change in the Old Faith canon is that Half-Orcs are to be allowed to become Laymembers and Initiates of the Old Faith.  This change is provisional and may be rescinded if the Half-Orcs of Gyruff do not show themselves to be true followers of the Old Faith.  But the Old Faith has had a tradition of inclusiveness.  In fact, before CY 593, gnomes were not allowed to become Initiates of the Old Faith.  It wasn’t until my cousin petitioned the Elders of the Old Faith that very year, that gnome druids were accepted.  In fact, I believe that cousin Foddar may have been the first gnome druid.


The Old Faith Druids are tied intimately to the government of Gyruff.  Each of the Llwryi and Arglwyths must be accepted and tested by the Old Faith Druids before they take their place as nobility.  In fact, the Archdruid is traditionally is the advisor to the Brenin, the civil leader of Gyruff.  A common saying among the Gyri is “The Land is the Brenin and the Brenin is the Land.”  The saying was dramatically demonstrated when in CY 593 the Brenin sacrificed himself for the Land and the Gyri.  The relationship extends to the Llwryi and the Arglwyths as well.  Thus, the Druids serve as protectors of both the ffolk and also the Land.  The war with the Giants had left the Land wounded and suffering.  Since the Last Battle of Gorna, the Old Faith Druids have been striving to restore the Land to its former glory by healing the terrible scars that were inflicted on the Land.

Disclaimer:  The contents of this page are not necessarily official “canon”.  Instead they represent the in-character impressions of Fendar Canon, a Gyri bard.  Use at your own risk.



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