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Yeomanry Demographics

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Yeomanry League


Proper Name: The Yeomanry League

Ruler: Her Steadfastness, Aribella Flynn the Freeholder, Spokesman for the Yeomanry League (CG female human clr 10,wiz1, templar 1, Contp 1)

Government: Independent democratic republic governed by an elected Freeholder (who conducts diplomacy, negotiates treaties, and commands the military) and Council of Common Grosspokesmen (a parliament handling legislative affairs); suffrage exists for all adult citizens (human and nonhuman, male and female) who have military service or are gainfully employed in the realm

Capital: Loftwick

Major Towns: Farvale (pop. 4,700), Loftwick (pop. 9,700), Longspear (pop. 9,200), North Reach (pop, 3,850), Westburn (pop. 2,700)

Provinces: Five high districts (towns governing large domains), thirty-one low districts (rural areas with scattered villages)

Resources: Foodstuffs, cloth, silver, gems (II)

Coinage: Freegold (gp), halfgold (ep), silver (sp), common (cp)

Population: 325,900—Human 79% (SOf), Halfling 9% (stout), Elf 5% (high), Dwarf 3% (hill), Gnome 2%, Half-elf 1%, Half-orc 1%

Languages: Common, Keolandish, Halfling, Elven

Alignments: LG*, LN, CG, NG

Religions: Phaulkon, Heironeous, Allitur, Fortubo, Fharlanghn, Trithereon, Zilchus, Delleb, Joramy, Norebo, Kord, halfling pantheon, dwarf pantheon

Allies: Duchy of Sterich, Geoff, Keoland (weak), Knights of the Watch (weak)

Enemies: Scarlet Brotherhood; many giants and nonhumans in Hellfurnaces, Crystalmists, Jotens, Tors, and Hool Marshes; Iuz


Overview: The Yeomanry League, also known as the Yeoman Freehold, is situated in a valley between the Jotens and the Tors in the southwest corner of the greater Sheldomar Valley. The moderately sized realm is nearly surrounded by the Crystalmists and its spurs, though its eastern border with Keoland is generally regarded as the western bank of the Javan across from the county of Cryllor. Its border continues south to where the great river enters the Hool Marshes and the lands of the Sea Princes. The climate is hot nearly year round in the central valley, though the temperature moderates as one approaches the foothills, particularly in late fall and winter. The Yeomanry is a land populated largely by freemen farmers, who are mostly a Suel-Flan mix. With foodstuffs and cloth the major industries of the nation, the town of Longspear on the eastern border forms the major trading center for the country and the destination for most of its excess goods. Here, foreign visitors are usually welcomed, and much commerce is conducted, particularly with Keoland, the Yeomanry's nearest neighbor. The Yeomanry is one of very few representative governments in Flanaess. Any citizen of majority who has carried a spear for the nation, either now or in the past, is eligible to elect spokesmen on his behalf from his community. In turn these spokesmen elect representatives, until one reaches the approximately one-hundred-member Council of Common Grosspokesmen. The council meets in the capital of Loftwick four times a year during the festival weeks to decide the affairs of the nation. These delegates act largely as a legislative body, and choose from among the greater landowners of the nation a citizen to act as Freeholder. The Freeholder is charged with being the chief administrator of the nation, and he also directs diplomacy and the heads the armies of the Yeomanry by leading the Free Captains of the Battles. The current Freeholder is Aribella Flynn, a cleric from the eastern territories of the Yeomanry. She has held the office for scarcely two years, but was chosen for her flexibility in dealing with all situations.

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