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Yeomanry League

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Region 6: South-West Flanaess, Sheldomar Valley, Yeomanry Demographics






The Yeomanry is among the very few democratic governments of the Flanaess, as well as being one of the more peaceful nations as well. Blessed with natural barriers all around it to hinder any invader, it was believed that the land was unassailable. Reports of the looming giant attack were taken seriously, however.

The Yeomen were indeed fortunate that the weakest and most poorly-organized giant forces fell upon them, rather than on Geoff or Sterich. While all three of the western Sheldomar nations managed to survive, Geoff and Sterich are both in very bad shape economically, and are weakened militarily. Their anger and demands to Keoland and Niole Dra have tacit support from some Yeomen, though they are careful to maintain a neutral presence officially. The Yeomanry?s new position of strength might offer a great temptation to those who would seek political advantages, but the Yeomen are hardly the type to pillage and profit from the misfortunes of others. They have kindly taken in refugees from their neighbors, who for whatever reason could not return home again. All the while, they remain silent in the disputes between Keoland and her daughter states, preferring to wait and see what will happen.


Society and Culture: The Yeomen are robust, individualistic people, filled with boundless energy and determination. They are ostensibly charitable, friendly, and courteous, if a tad overbearing and candor-filled. A strong political current goes through all of the people herein, as they all participate in the representative democracy of this nation.

Any human, halfling, or dwarven male who has wielded a spear for the nation in the past or present, or is an artisan or craftsman, may vote in the quadrennial elections to elect spokesmen for their communities. These spokesmen then get together to elect representatives from among themselves, until one comes to the hundred-member Council of Common Grosspokesmen. This council meets in the capital of Loftwick four times a year to run the normal legislative affairs of the nation, even as they choose one from among themselves as a Freeholder to wield executive power, command the armies, and conduct diplomacy. Nowhere else in the Flanaess are executive and iegislative power considered separate. Elves and gnomes do not vote in any case.

Only males may serve in the government - neither the government nor the people are sufficiently enlightened to allow women to join. Despite this, some powerful women have made their voices heard by cowing weakling husbands in the government into voting and directing according to their own commands.

With the general attitudes of political flair and strong central beliefs, the Yeomen are an active people, freely debating and arguing on the streets at all hours of the day. The nearness of the surrounding hills, mountains and marshes have left them very wary and alert, always ready to fight and fight hard in defense of their families and homesteads.

Despite the fact that women, elves and gnomes cannot vote in elections, the Yeomanry is not, as a whole, given to discrimination-it is simply thought and accepted that these people have no interest in politics as a whole, preferring to keep to themselves. Those farmers that may end up poorer than their neighbors because of chance or banditry are always cared for by their neighbors, and there are few misers or hoarders of wealth within the realm.


Military Structure: The Yeomanry has been very fortunate in that its military has not suffered in the same way as that of Geoff and Sterich from the giant invasions. All of its soldiers are generally of good training, morale and equipment, consisting mostly of spearmen and crossbow archers. The dwarfish light foot, clad in brigandine and wielding axe and hammer, are the bane of the humanoids of the Jotens. The elven spear and bow units and halfling light infantry are not as impressive, though they are considered to be superior to their equivalents in Geoff or the Ulek states.


Ruler: Crispin Redwell, the Freeholder of the Yeomanry in 576 CY, is known to be a man of strong passions and tempers, quick to anger and quick to forgive, a demeanor more suited to a northern barbarian than the leader of a supposedly enlightened nation. In spite of this, however, he is a good enough leader and honest fellow, able to use his great speaking skills, charisma and loud voice to get his point across when debating at the council halls of Loftwick. He is very popular with the common folk for his all-too-human demeanor and snappy wit, and he milks this for all it is worth.

He is known to be a heavy drinker, becoming crude and arrogant when in his cups, but always retaining the jolly and quick wit that are the sources of his charisma. While he may laugh at bawdy humor more than anyone, he will happily engage in a barroom brawl to protect the honor of an actual woman, and has served as the champion of several worthy ladies on more than one occasion. Although Crispin wields a battleaxe when taking to the field, he is quite happy to duel with a saber or rapier when his honor or that of a woman is challenged.

Marius Lindon, the Freeholder most recently elected in 589 CY, is considerably more demure than his carousing predecessor. While Redwell was known to enjoy more than his share of wine, Lindon is considerably more serious and oerthly than Crispin (who tragically met his end during the Wars underneath a boulder hurled by a stone giant). He is nowhere near as beloved as his predecessors, though he has the respect of the more militiant spokesmen for his attention to detail, strict discipline, and no-nonsense approach to government.

Lindon was elected to the Freeholder?s office not for any great charisma or political skills, but because of his expertise in battling the evil nonhumans that continually assail the realm on all sides. As such, he tends to delegate the everyday business of running the nation to his bureaucracy in Loftwick, who speak for him when debating in council. Lindon rarely stays more than a day or two in Loftwick, usually to be found traveling around his realm inspecting defenses and speaking to citizens on the streets. Although some of the spokesmen question Lindon?s devotion to his diplomatic responsibilities, given that he so rarely attends council meetings, and others dislike him for his prudish sensibilities and abrasive personality, none can deny his effectiveness as a military leader.


Foreign Relations: The Yeomanry is notoriously independent, preferring trading partners to allies. It has alliances with Keoland, Sterich, and some of the demihumans of the surrounding hills and mountains, though close diplomatic relations usually remain a cursory side note to the regular business of trade. Most of its neighbors have little regard for the nation?s democratic leanings, and the yeomen do not mind one bit that foreign visitors, especially the Keoish, rarely stay within their ream very long.

Apart from the hostile nonhumans in all the surrounding hills, mountains and marshes, the Yeomanry has implacably hostile relations with the Hold of the Sea Princes, regardless of whether the Sea Princes or the Scarlet Brotherhood are the ones in charge. Both realms send raiders and bandits to harass the yeomen?s merchant caravans, and the Brotherhood sends even more slaving raids against its northwestern neighbor than the old regime it toppled during the Wars.


Region 6: South-West Flanaess, Sheldomar Valley. South-Western Flanaess, Sheldomar Valley map

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